This page has been created for the sole benefit of those people who purchase a computer and never bothers to read the instructions manual. The first thing they will do when they experience a problem installing or using any computer hardware or software is panic, get angry and then run head-over-heals to the manufacturer and demand to be taught from scratch how to work this "malfunctioning", "useless" or "shitty" computer/program, without even considering the remote possibility of the problem lying with the user, and not the product.


This is not the way it works. "Read The F***ing Manual" or RTFM, is an expression that can not be spoken out loud, but cannot be repeated often enough. Probably 80% of the problems people experience with their computer can be resolved by RTFM.


RTFM can either be one of those "useless", ignored and normally immediately discarded pieces of paper that comes with almost every newly purchased product, called "User guide" or "Instruction manual" or similar, and it can also be found in a tiny file, inconclusively named "Readme.txt", which is allways included in the software CD or Floppy disk that ships with the product.


If you believe that you may be one of those who, for some strange reason cannot get your product to work, then this is the site for you. Each time you experience a problem installing or using a product, please come to this site to read the following advice, and what do you know... IT'S FREE OF CHARGE! And another thing... It may even work!:




If you follow this advice, probability is that up to 8 times out of 10, you can solve your own problem right there and then, without any hassle and frustration, and without having to call the manufacturer. The manufacturer will tell you to RTFM anyway!


And if it still does not work after a thorough RTFM, then give the manufacturer a call.



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This page is a purely private homepage with absolutely no associations with ANY computer hardware or software manufacturer whatsoever, and the opinions expressed on this site are not to be construed as anything other than the purely personal opinions of the author.